Monday, 19 April 2010


Again, sorry sorry sorry
Here are some juicy updates for you alllll !

So as of a few weeks my boyfriend, his brother & myself are going to have our own flat. It's so spacious, the bedrooms are massive! We also have our own front & back garden which i'm so excited since it'll be summer when we move in!
I'll defenetly take some photos of it when we get moved in & hopefully i'll be able to take my laptop so i'll be updating alot more often as I think my boyfriend is going to do more hours at his work ..

Last week when my boyfriend told me about the idea of the flat, kieran dropped the bombshell that the same mans cat had just had five kittens and I was soo excited and was positive I was going to get one! Kieran told the man and I was sure after my massive moaning and groaning about the fact kierans brother doesn't like them, I was sure I was fighting until death to get one.. unfortunatly when we got to the flat, the first thing the man said was 'All the kittens are sold' I was soooo sad the whole house tour all I could think about was the kittens! So Kieran has promised to find me the cutest kitten & buy me it :)

Found my camera yesterday, so i'll be able to take photos of things and have much better posts :)!

Just a little ramble paragraph about my love for books right now, so far I've read the book Forever which is a teenage book about this girl and a boy she meets also I read the Virgin Suicides and watched the movie short after, which is about five sisters that all comitte suicide .. and about two weeks back I ordered the books Girl Interupted which I LOVE the movie! and The parks of being a wallflower & they've just arrived which I was annoyed at becuause they took so long to arrive!
As you can see I like quite strange, teenage, creepy books.. If you can reccomend any good books you enjoy , then that'd be great! :)

What are you guys excited for?


  1. oh wow thats great about getting a flat and a kitten soon! :) Ive read the virgin suicides and its probably one of my favourite books, the movie is amazing too! if you're into stuff like the virgin suicides and girl, interrupted then you should read the bell jar if you havent already!
    hope everything goes well with your move, keep us all updated!

  2. i saw that book the bell jar on amazon and i googled the blurb but i couldnt find the proper blurb on it :(
    ill deffo pick that up now though , thanks & i will keep you updated! x

  3. hey, just new to blogging and stumbled across your site ... am a glasgow girl too :)

    did you get your kitten? i've just posted a few wee photos of my wee kitten today if you fancy a wee nose?

    a x