Friday, 7 May 2010

Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor Review :)

So this is a little bit different from my usual posts but I just have to get my point across about how amazing this razor is. Basically and I pointed out before I had been using throw-away razors for a while but they were simply not doing the job for me and they were not nice at all to use, so I went on the hunt for a new razor & found this baby :)

I will admit that the only reason I was drawn to this was the fact it was pink and named 'Spa Breeze' but thank god I judged it by it's cover or I would never have discovered it!

The main feature of this razor is the fact you don't need to use shaving cream or gel as it has two gel pads on each end of the razor that foam up whilst shaving, they also make your skin super soft & basically the only way I can explain how good the razors quality was it acted like a hoover, everything was gone!

Even though the heads for this razor are £8.99 for four, which some people (including myself) may find abit costly, I defenetly think it's a good investment & it depends how often you use it, four heads could last you up to a month!


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ready for summer?

I've recently been dying my hair 'very natural light brown' and it's taking ages to go lighter! I've also had some highlights done but i'm going to get more as they were very lightly done, what do you think of my hair a lighter colour?

Hitting the sunbeds, is my favourite thing to do.. this is me after an 8 minute sunbed for the first time in the real sunbeds before i've always just went to the ones you pay for yourself and jump in... the ones that have ladies there are so much better... I actually was burned the day after!! Also I bought this cutee little tunic from topshop for £35

p.s i look so baby-faced here! and how dark does my hair look ?!

Other purchases
I also bought two of the nail polishes from the new topshop make-up range.. in a lemon colour and a light lilac colour, i'll make sure to get some photos of them on here :)

I also bought this razor .. it is so pretty girls! I used to just use those throw-away ones but enough is enough! If you use the throw-away razors I suggest you go down to superdrug and get yourself one of these.. the handle is so soft & the razors are kept in their own little compartments.. i'll also try get some photos of these!
The only down side is when I looked for the razorheads they were £8.99!! But then I realised that was for four and they will last me for at least a month :)
I'll update on this when i've used the razor.. has anyone else used this, if so.. what did you think?

Upcoming events -
Kitten time - anytime next week!!!
Arbroath with my besties, boyfriend & his friends - 1 week away!
Moving out - 3 weeks away!
Braces off - 3 weeks away!
I'm oh so very excited for this week to be over with :)!
What are you girls have coming up? xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Now I know this is late news and everyone probably already knows about it but i'm always slow on catching up with news (proven) so for all you girls like me...
But Sex and the City 2 will be in cinemas first on the 28th May and you can book your tickets right now!
If you go onto the Cineworld website or which ever cinema is near you, i'm sure you'll be able to do it from there :)


So girls, if you read my post a few weeks ago you would have read that my boyfriend was going to buy me a kitten once we had moved into our new house.. BUT
my best friend cheryl who is a total babe, suprised me last week with the news that she was going to buy me a little white with ginger kitten for my house warming party .. and not only that but i get it next week! Although i'm not moving out until the 28th so her mum is going to look after it for me until i move out as i have a dog at my parents house and that wouldn't go down too well... :)
He should be around 6/8 weeks when I get him and i'm going to name him Unicorn.. he will be a little boy as obvious as it is but i currnetly have no photos of my own because i've not saw him yet
:( We were supposed to go last night but there was a mix-up and we couldn't but i'm not at all bothered i'm just soo excited for next week!

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Hi girls, so since i've not been very good on my blog recently basically because i've no money to spend and now since i've found my camera cannot find my charger yeyy !
So I thought why not do something i'm best at... make a wishlist :)

Crop top - from topshop £12

Skirt - i've been lusting after this skirt for ages now, also from topshop £25

Handbag - i've also loved this handbag for a while but haven't really found a spare £30 for it, from Dorothy perkings

Wedges - i'm reallllly needing a pair of wedges for this summer, new look £25

Total = £92

Not sure if you can read the colours proberly
As you can see i'm into nars products right now?
Nars blush in Gina £19.50
Nars Highlighting duo - Orgasm/Laguna £28
Eyeshadow duo - Cordura £23
Total = £70.50
Since the make-up one is the cheapest I think it will be first on my list :)
What are you wishing for right now?

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Outfit & face of the night

So last night I went out to meet a friend for a catch up, we had planned on going out for dinner by quick changes last minute meant we just went to a cocktail bar for a few drinks

Here is what I wore on my face & body. :)

concealer - boi-ing by benefit
foundation - naturally radiant by collection 2000
blush - deep throat by nars
eyeshadow - loreal chrome shine in a deep pink colour with satin taupe by MAC over top
eyeliner - Maybelline line definer pen? (the name has came off)
mascara - the max volumne flash by rimmel
lipstick - sheer natural lipstick by natural collection in colour Autumn glow

lace vest - primark
leather knee leggings - h&m
denim shirt - tesco
bow belt - h&m
brown army heeled boots (not shown) - River island
watch - juicy couture
gold heart stud earrings (not shown) - urban outfitters
black leather jacket - new look

what do you think of this look?
Also I curled my hair and I wish it would stay like that all the time! xoxo
Love of today

Looking up photos of these delicious yummy cocktails has made me get the idea of going on holiday, so hopefully my and my friend are going to take a weeks trip next summer to Corfu in Greece. So excited xD