Thursday, 6 May 2010

Ready for summer?

I've recently been dying my hair 'very natural light brown' and it's taking ages to go lighter! I've also had some highlights done but i'm going to get more as they were very lightly done, what do you think of my hair a lighter colour?

Hitting the sunbeds, is my favourite thing to do.. this is me after an 8 minute sunbed for the first time in the real sunbeds before i've always just went to the ones you pay for yourself and jump in... the ones that have ladies there are so much better... I actually was burned the day after!! Also I bought this cutee little tunic from topshop for £35

p.s i look so baby-faced here! and how dark does my hair look ?!

Other purchases
I also bought two of the nail polishes from the new topshop make-up range.. in a lemon colour and a light lilac colour, i'll make sure to get some photos of them on here :)

I also bought this razor .. it is so pretty girls! I used to just use those throw-away ones but enough is enough! If you use the throw-away razors I suggest you go down to superdrug and get yourself one of these.. the handle is so soft & the razors are kept in their own little compartments.. i'll also try get some photos of these!
The only down side is when I looked for the razorheads they were £8.99!! But then I realised that was for four and they will last me for at least a month :)
I'll update on this when i've used the razor.. has anyone else used this, if so.. what did you think?

Upcoming events -
Kitten time - anytime next week!!!
Arbroath with my besties, boyfriend & his friends - 1 week away!
Moving out - 3 weeks away!
Braces off - 3 weeks away!
I'm oh so very excited for this week to be over with :)!
What are you girls have coming up? xxxxxxx


  1. I like the purchase from topshop! xoxo

  2. your hair looks lovely hun! really pretty :)
    also loving the little topshop tunic on you

  3. i love your outfits! and i reallllly really love all of your pictures on the left! i'll follow you!

    please check mine out!!