Friday, 9 April 2010

Fashion Tag

So I saw this tag & thought i'd do it. Only thing is it's a video tag so i'll have to work around the questions, also i've still not been able to find my camera so there won't be any photos which is a shame :(

Question number one;
What is your favourite acessorie?
My favourite acessorie has to be my juicy couture watch or else nail polish.

Quesntion number two;
Who is your role model?
I really don't have one.

Question number three;
What do you always carry with you?
I suppose I could say my phone but then again if i'm taking the dog out I usually won't even take that with me.

Question number four;
What do you describe your fashion as?
I've no idea aha! I few of my favourite looks are , blazers with tunics or vest & leggings/jeggings with either boots or flats, also I love my boyfriend jeans with flats and a baggy cardi, but I also love to wear bodycon skirts, so i've no idea..

Question number five;
Can you show me your favourite pair of jeans,sunglasses & heels?
Well no, because i've no camera but i'll describe them to you
Jeans - my dark wash boyfriend jeans that I tuck up at the bottom
Sunglasses - I love classic ray ban glasses, not that I own a pair but I do own the look-alike ones
Heels - I don't think I own a favourite pair, but if i did it would probably be my boots from riverisland with the rubber heel.. I love them!

Question number six;
What inspired you to make fashion videos?

Question number seven;
What is your favourite fashion store or shop?
Topshop but I went into primark on Thursday after forgetting about it for years & they have quite nice clothes that are very cheap so I suppose that can be a favourite too

Question number eight;
What is your favourite fabric of clothing?
This is giving me goose bumps because all I can think about is cotton and i hate the feeling of cotton ... but i really don't have a favourite

Question number nine;
Who is your favourite designer?
I'm not really interested in designer clothing because I can't afford it anyway but talking about bags/shoes i'd have to say miu miu, Chloe, chanel & obviously christian louboutin for shoes!

Question number ten;
Who or what inspires your fashion?
Just magazines basically

Question number eleven;
What would you choose to do? Buy something in high quality or make it yourself if you can?
Well I can't make clothes because I don't have sewing machine and I wouldn't really trust the quality of the clothing if I made it myself, so If I had the money i'd obviously buy the high quality item or else I'd buy a cheaper version

I think all bloggers should do this, so go ahead if you wish :)

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