Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Tips and tricks

Hi girls, so the other day I bought More magazine and I had a good read throught it.. but at the back there are a few pages on beauty 'tips and tricks' and also different types of make-up for different tones of skin .. I find this really helpful, if you got your hands on a copy of this magazine then you won't need to check this page out but I thought these tips and tricks were very helpful & i'm deffo gonna try out a few, so I thought why not share :)

DIY Liner
If you have ran out of eyeliner, don't worry! Dip a fine eyeshadow brush in water and then paint a thin line of brown eyeshadow underneathe your lashes. It apparently lasts longer than a normal kohl liner too!

Redness on skin (good tip for myself!!)
If you would like to tone down the red-ness on your skin counteract it with a yellow-based power & they reccomend Benefit Bluff Dust Redness concealing powder, £13.50.

Boost flat hair (another one for me)
If you suffer from flat hair then mix two tablespoons of Epsom Salts, £2.69, with warm water and then pour the mix over your hair after conditioning! & it says it buffs up your hair cuticles to make it look fuller! I'm guessing you can purchase this salt from any supermarket :)

Spot Control
If you have an angry red spot, a good way to tone it down in an instant is to dab some eye drops on a cotton pad and hold against the spot for about 10 seconds. Aparently this will instantly calm the spot down!

To brighten up your teeth, mix a teaspoon of baking soda with a drop of water to make a paste and then use it to brush your teeth for two minutes & then rinse with mouthwash.. Use once a week but don't swallow as it doesn't taste very plesant! I'll deffo be doing this once I get my braces removed !

Don't forget to clean your tweezers in warm soapy water as they collect lots of dirt & bacteria (must defenetly do this!)

Also, a tip for those red-heads out there (as I am now onee)
It says - Red hair dye contains larger colour molecules which means it can fade more quickly than other colours, but if you keep your hair in perfect condition it wil stay brighter for longer. A few reccomended shampoos?
L'Oreal Elvive colour protect shampoo, £3.29.. Conditioner £3.29 & Masque £3.99.
& Christpohe Robin, L'Oreal Paris's colour expert says you should wait at least two days after dying your hair to wash it again, as this lets the pigment to really penetrate the hair shaft, making the coloir stay stronger and longer!

If you have any handy tips, please leave a comment below. I hope these tips help you, as I know they will help myself!

Just thought i'd leave a wee note, that I am in no way copying the magazine or using these as my own tips or tricks.. I have clearly stated I got them from the magazine & would just like to share them with you, as I know they are very helpful!


  1. Lovely tips! I think I am going to have to try a bunch of these!

  2. good, they seem very helpful! xx