Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Dear followers. Here is my post on festivals, what you'll need & what ideas of what to wear. As I went to 'T in the Park' last summer with my friends, I thought i'd do a little post on outfits and style for festivals as my friend was confused on how to dress. I will say that when I went, it only rained during the night and once on one morning, the rest was sunny so I didn't really need all of the water proof clothing & essentials, but I won't forget to include these things to my lists obviously. So I hope for you girls out there that are planning on roughing it, in fields with great music, get help from this post !


So when I was planning on going to T in the Park this year, I decided that I was just going to buy a few 'slip dresses' this means, dresses you can just shove on & they look cutee.. no need for making the effort and things, as you just slip it on and off you go! I would pair these with wellingtons & a straw hat, however if it's scorching & you don't feel comfortable wearing big wellies, then there is nothing wrong with sandals :)! I would also take a few pairs of tights or leggings incase it gets pretty cold & of course, cardigans, jumpers & hoodies for over the top.


If you don't like the sound of dresses or even dresses for a whole weekend, then there is obv course bottoms & tops to be worn. Here are the obvious summer denim shorts, that I would pair with a cute top & a hoodie, with either wellies & knee high socks, the same with any skirt except I would wear a cardi with a skirt & not a hoodie as it would make the skirt feel uncomfortable.. I have also included leggings, and the reason being you can easily put these on with a plain tunic & any type of jumper or cardi you wish & be set to go. You may wish to wear jeans but in my opinion I would feel uncomfortable..


Here, we have a vest, jumper & cardi. I have chosen a fun tunic/vest as I think this would be cute to wear with anything I have included above. Also the grey jumper is for any layering you may want to do if it's really cold, you could wear a top or vest under the jumper & then a hoodie over the top of it. Last but not least, I have included this chunky cardi but you may want to choose a darker colour.. you don't want to take a gorgeous cream cardi like this to a festival & bring it home ruined! Also don't forget to take plenty of hoodies & obv course the biggest essenital rain coat !

Fun, cute assecories

So here we have what every girl looks forward to at a festival, the 'fashion' of festival clothing. Above I have included some things you will want to take along with you, if you plan on looking cute & fitting in with the crowd! Of course, number one are the sunglasses.. there are so many different gorgeous type of sunglasses out there, so i'm possitive you won't have a problem with finding a pair you love. Also, the straw hat. Not only is this a cute item but it will keep the sun from your face which is an essential.. next is a bikini which you will want to take if you plan on showering & also to wear under your clothes if you feel like it! and last thing here I have some knee high socks which are a must for under your wellies to complete the look!
If you have any other ideas, on cute things girls could wear.. please leave a comment below!


Lastly, I have essentials.. I couldn't think of many but I have what I think you will deffo need. Fist of all wellies for if it gets wet and muddy.. Also an umbrella incase it rains, you will also want to take a rain coat.. and here is sunscreen as it can get very hot & danger your skin during the summer...

So here were my list of things you may want or need for going to a festival over the summer.. are you going to festival? Leave me a comment & let me know which one!
Have a great day.. Samantha :) xoxo
p.s do not take clothes you love & don't want ruined as this is a major maybe.