Monday, 1 March 2010

So, it's that time of year again, where in Scotland the 'T in the Park' festival is coming back for summer! However, this year sadly I cannot go as my boyf and I are saving up to go to Florida for Christmas this year! I'm not too upset but we were looking forward to it before we decided to go to Florida.. So we've decided we're going to go away for the weekend of the festival to Arbroath where his parents caravan is and whilst looking online at clothes I got really excited and thought i'd put a few different outfits for different occasions together & share them with you. I'm also thinking of doing a post on what clothes to wear you can wear to a festival, after my friend asking me about last year and what I wore & needed, I thought since i've been I could share my ideas with you girls, incase your stuck!
I know in England there are different festivals but not sure about America or anywhere else, so i'm sorry if the festival post is point-less to you but hopefully this one will help with some summer outfits :)
Beach Outfit

This is my classic look for going to the beach, last year when my boyf and I went, it was very windy so here are some good tips for if the weather is quite windy/nippy. Wearing leggings and a cami over it is great for going to the beach but don't forget to take a cardi incase it gets abit chilly! If you plan on going into the water, you may want to think about taking a slip on dress, so that it's not too tricky to get into your swimming costume :)! Also these shoes may not be suitable for the sand/wet sand and you may want to wear normal flip flops. Another thing is a scarf to put over your head to stop your hair going nuts due to strong winds!

Shopping & lunch time

Here I have made this outfit, bike proof. I really would love to travel about the town by bike, so here's hoping :) Flats that will stay on your feet and not bother you ! and a nice light cardi to keep you warm incase you need it!



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