Monday, 22 March 2010

So I quickly made this on Polyvore and I loved it so much that I thought I must share with you. Even though I have chosen rather expensive pieces of clothing, I do know you can buy cheap look-alikes on the high street so I will put them below. :)

T-shirt - Juicy couture, i'm really into juicy now, before i always thought it looked really tacky and unfashionable people wore it but now i can see past that and love everything about juicy couture! You could buy a nice over-rated tee like this from topshop i'm sure :)
Jeans - I lovelovelove these ripped jeans and have seen many pairs alike in Riverisland
Blazer - Defenetly, Primark for a blazer.
Shoes - These shoes are from dorothy perkins anyway, about £35 i think. Not sure if they will still be in store.
Balenciaga - you can find this bag in my dreams ;) haha seriously though on net-a-porter or if you know a good fake designer bag website then comment below and let me know haha!
This is my perfect outfit for the nice sunny these that have been surprising us this month :)


  1. those shoes are freaking gorgeous!


  2. I adore all your polyvore creations! :) You have a gorgeous sense of style and definitely inspire me! :) Thank you for the award(s) lovely - as usual, you've made my day! :) I think you must be the main girl who's followed my blog from the beginning, and I'm truly grateful! :) xxx

  3. yey! you did one with the shirt too! :D
    I'm really into blazers with a print shirt underneath.
    Love the combo! Very sophisticated ;)♥