Monday, 22 March 2010

Ins & Outs
Finally reaching 100 followers yeyyy for me!
Finding a love for coffee, second time round.
Summer getting closer & closer although spring is finally here!
My boyfs facial expressions sometimes. I've recently just discovered a new one and i think i fell in love all over again :)
Getting my first ever cheque book, woo!
The terrible wind right now, it'll be sunny and a little warm and calm one day but the next blowing of gail whattt!
Having no money what so ever !
Still no luck with my yorkshire terrier although kind of agreed with my boyf that we would wait until next Christmas after we had moved out to get her :)
The weekends going past too fast!
The fact even though I promised, I've no money to do a contest right now :( Although I do get paid next week and I'm hoping that I will save some money so that I can do a giveaway as I said I would.. sorry! :(
p.s check out my tumblr I'm really into it :)


  1. booo to having no money :(
    but yay to summer, cant wait for it