Monday, 8 March 2010

Hello girlies, So since i'm very happy with the way everything is going :)
I thought i'd do a little post of how I hope & planned for my future.. as i've been with my current boyfriend for 20 months now, we've planned to stay together forever basically (unless we kill each other before now :)! kidding ha!)
So we've been dreaming over having our own flat for ageees now it's becoming real that if we don't think of things now, then we never will. As we're saving up this year for a holiday in Florida for 3 weeks we will have to wait until next year, to start saving up or moving out & by then we'll be 19 .. which I think is old enough to move out? You girls know how it is, when you love someone and you start talking about your future blah blah.. so here it is, my little flat how i'd love it to be :D

Bedroom - you may or may have not realised that the photos of the bedroom are pink. This is because I wanted first dibs on the living room but Kieran said no because he didn't want a pink livingroom or anything too girlie but I could do whatever I wanted to the bedroom because no one would see it .. and he would just be sleeping in there. He clearly didn't think this through & is totally going to regret ever saying that :)!

Kitchen - Also in pink, not talked this through yet but i'm hoping to get my way :)

Livingroom - So as I said, my boyfee has first Dibs on the livingroom, but to be honest i'm not at all bothered.. he has really good taste & will probably make a better job of it than me. The second/bottom photo isn't like any of the other photos on here, I know.. but I just love the look of this livingroom, obviously we'd have a more stirdy couch for anyone coming to visit but I love how it looks so relaxing :) The photo above is more to my home style though except from the creepy baby pictures on the wall... ha!

Bathroom - all i've got to say is that I'm hoping and praying that we save up enough money to get one of these baths as i've loved and wanted one since I can remember!

Last but not least!! Meet Pinapple, the teacup yorkie we plan to get :)
But really it depends on if we can find someone to look after him during the day, as I'm guessing Kieran & I will be working our butts off to pay for all of this, he'll need a baby sitter :)
I also won the bet on the dog.. he wanted a pug but after showing him photos and videos of these little babys, he was won over :)

Are any of you girls planning on moving out from home soon?


  1. Eee! I am so, unbelievably excited for you! Ha :)
    It all looks and sounds so magical, I love how you and your boyfriend are so close, and have so much planned! :) I wish you the best of luck girlie, you deserve it! :) xxx

  2. OOh I'm planning on moving out next year too. But I'll be 22 and after 5 years of a relationship, I think it's due! I would have loved to move out earlier but know how it is :)


  3. Thank you for your lovely comments girls & @Streetlighteyes i think it is overdue! but i do understand how parents can get.. im totally nottt looking forward to letting my parents know haha xxx

  4. I already live with 4 girls, but im moving in with my boy in july! im excited! :D

    -Victoria India.

  5. aww thats exciting & lucky you, id love to live with all my girl-friends xoxo

  6. Well, we started off as friends. Put it like this, you don't know someone until you live with them.
    Girls aren't always nice.

    Thanks for the follow!

  7. Ohh, yeah I know how girls can get sometimes.. I guess things would get hard sometimes but it's great your moving it with your Boyf soon :D

    & your welcomee xx