Friday, 5 March 2010


So lately, i've fell for the strange love of bodycon. Whether it's skirt or dress, I just love it. As i'm usually self-conious about wearing this type of style/clothing, I find it very weird, but I can't help but want a full closet full of this style! So I thought i'd share it with you & give you a few different looks and how to style different type of the bodycon items (skirt & dress)

Fun, night out with the girls.

This style, is personally one I would wear if I was attending a house party, or going out with my girl-friends. Gorgeous, trendy denim bodycon skirt with a plain white crop top, platform heels and abit of accessories!
Day time, casual

Here we have, what I would wear on a chilly day if I was going shopping, or for lunch or anything really during the day. Except from work, as I think this is too casual for the office? The bodycon dress, i've paired with cute printed tights, some tough brown boots & a little cropped dark brown leather jacket. This may look better with an oversized bag or a tiny over the shoulder bag, either way :)
Fancy dinner or date night

Even though, I don't suit red at all, every time i'm making up different looks on polyvore I can't help but to make a black, white & red look. If you suit red, then lucky you! This is a bodycon skirt, that I have paired with a boobtube? type top, you could either tuck the ruffle into the skirt of leave it out. Also a plain black blazer will look good to keep you that extra bit warm & if your that little bit rich then a lovely pair of black classic Christian Louboutins would be perfect!

Formal/ Wedding

I've saw these dresses in topshop, but not sure if i'm too crazy about them, but by the looks of this set I would defenetly wear it! This would be a perfect look for a formal event or wedding. However, please be careful when you purchase a sequined jacket or blazer as they can look very cheap!

Samantha xoxo
Do you love bodycon as much as I do ?


  1. I love all the looks you have done here, I'm scared about wearing it too.. Something that would probably highlight a few "wobbly bits" lol
    but ooh you've made it look so tempting! hehe x

  2. i know i know, its so dangerous :( but you should take a risk, i'm sure you'd look great :Dxxx

  3. Oooh I love the formal one..dressing up is so much fun <3