Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Balenciaga Handbag

Hello lovlies.
When I first saw these bags, I thought mehh, nah, not too fussed, these bags are really ugly but the fact was I just saw ugly fakes versions.. after stalking google for different looks of these bags I am totally head over heels.. My favourite look of this bag would probably be the Giant work or the Giant Part-time. They are so gorgeous but I particulary love this bag in cream, grey or the colour pebbles. I had no idea these bags were so expensive, I just thought oh £3/400 like any other designer bag, I'll save up in no time.. but no! The cheapest Balenciaga I could find on their website was the 'First' style and that was about £845 I think, so I'm super gutted!
If anyone knows any good websites that I could get a good cheap fake, pleaseee leave me a comment below with the link :)!
Do any of you lucky girls out there, have one of these gorgeous bags?


  1. Hmmm, I don;t know o any places where you could get a cheap fake, sorry!

    But I do LOVE these handbags! I heard the leather is buttery soft!


  2. These handbags are soo lovely!!!