Wednesday, 3 February 2010


So right now, it's safe to say i'm obsessed with Wildfox. and since it's my 18th this month, i think it's only natural that I get to purchase my first item from this :)
However, the item i'm wanting is sold out everywhere I see it (uk websites) so i'll just have to wait until it is in stock and then spend away, so I thought I would put up some outfit ideas using tops from Wildfox, remember if your from the US or Canada you can purchase these from you lucky lucky people !

Anyway on with the outfits :)

Outfit 1 - This is the top i'm lusting after it costs £62 from which is out of stock currently! I have checked Asos and googled other websites and it's out of stock there too but i'll be sure to do another little post letting you know when it's in stock again. I would pair this with a pair of denim shorts and gladiator sandals for the perfect summer day outfittt xx

Outfit 2 - this is a more vibrant, going out, sexy look. This t-shirt can be yours for $59 from for you lucky people in the US, not too sure if they ship to UK. I would pair this with another vibrant skirt or maybe a nutral skirt and with a massive pair of heels in a nutral. Also I would wear a nice pair of statement earrings with this and no other jewlerry.

Outfit 3 - this is a range of different t-shirt mostly which can be found on, it says they range from $70 - $100 but i'm not sure on the price here. I'd pair this with a pair of ripped jeans, a pair of Christian Louboutin ballerina flats & a chanel over the shoulder bag?

Keep dreaming manfa ;) .... :[

So here are my top three pieces from wildfox, let me know if you love these clothes as much as I do & drool over them as much as I do, I recommend you stop the spending and start the saving if you do!


  1. I actually love everything on there :)I have some shoes similar to the ones in the middle photo from Primark :)
    Steph x

  2. oh lucky you, they are gorgeouss :)xx

  3. Congrats girl on your upcoming 18th:) Thats so exciting. Love the outfits!

  4. All these outfits are so cute! I especially love the first one! ♥