Thursday, 4 February 2010

Ins & Outs

Hi girls, thought i'd do a little Ins & Outs today. It's been snowing here again! It's just so annoying now :(

February only being a 4 week month, so I won't be skint for very long!
Having something planned everyweekend.
Doing something every day of the week.
Starting the gym again.
Having a second Valentines day with my boyf, I wouldn't want to be with anyone else :)
Flight & Villa for Florida at Christmas time, booked up & now it's just the waiting & saving!
My 18th birthday getting closer & closer

My hands and face being so itchy and uncomfy due to dryness!
Being so tired due to being so busy
Being on another diet when I can't be bothered & just want to eat everything
My boyf having no ID right now & may not have it on time for my 18th
Having to look forward to studying, shorthand for college, stuff about ships for my work & learning how to drive at the one time.
My room & clothes being out of control.. again!

Whats everyone doing this weekend :)?
I'm having a nice relaxing Friday night with my boyfriend after an hour session at the Gym & then on Saturday I have my friends 18th birthday party to attend xx


  1. I think your Ins outweigh your Outs ;)

    I'm not doing much this weekend as poorness forces me to be boring. Going to be beach at some point & going to dinner with friends on Saturday night.

  2. haha yey!!

    aw that's more than i'd be doing if i had no money :(
    your so lucky, you can go to the beach! xoxo