Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Recommended eyeshadows

Hi girls, hope you are having a lovely start to your week. I'm having a great one, although i'm so unbelieveably tired. I was at the Kerrang Tour in Glasgow on Monday to see All time low & I just seem to have not recovered!! Let me just add how amazing it was.. and i'll be sure to add some juicy photos of the band when I upload them ;)

So I thought i'd do a little list of reccomendations on eyeshadows, since my obsession since the summer has led to quite a nice little collection of them. Also let me say, I highly doubt i'll be posting any make-up hauls or any new make-up i've bought as i'm not really into the whole buying make-up right now, I seem to be more interested in clothes.. but everyone loves clothes too so I don't see a problem :)


All over the lid
I have two of my favourite base/all over the lid eyeshadows, these are the two I ALWAYS reach for unless it's a night time look and i'm wanting a darker look, so my favourite all over eyeshadows are; All that Glitters by mac & YDK by Urban Decay. Both similar shades but I think YDK is more gold where as All that glitters has a more yellow-ish under tone. Love them both though !

Inner Corner - I don't always use an eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eye but if I am, i've found Sellout by Urban Decay to be the best. It's such a bright colour, almost white but with quite alot of shimmer and a goldish undertone ..

Crease - Now tbh here I don't really have a favourite, maybe my most worn is Twice Baked or Satin Taupe but tbh I just find any darker colour that appeals to me that day and use that :) So I'll just list a few that I often use; Satin Taupe, Sable, Tempting, Cranberry all by mac, then there's twice baked by urban decay and of course for my night look it has to be Beauty Marked by mac :)

So they are all my favourite, most worn eyeshadows that I defenetly reccomend to you. Although I have brown eyes, so these are all brown/dark colours so maybe if you have lighter eyes you should go for lighter colours !

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