Tuesday, 16 February 2010

hello hello

Good morning, this is just a little post about a few random things tbh.
First of all Valentines Day as it's my 18th birthday this weekend, my boyfriend & I thought we would just stay in bed all day & snuggle & keep our money for this weekend, as i'm sure we'll be needing alot. We didn't miss out the cheesy cards or teddys though :]

Also, i'd just like to say
how people hate valentines day & all this rubbish about 'you dont need a day to tell someone you love them and express the way you feel' personally I think valentines day is a special day & a good idea.. even though your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/husband or wife is told and tells you they love you everyday (well should) it is still nice to have a day to celebrate your relationship. It's only one day out of the whole year that makes all the things you usually do abit more special. I think if my boyfriend told me we wernt doing anything for it, i'd feel abit hurt. So there you are, my rant about valentines day haha

So its four days until my 18th birthday party! It's going to be hawaiing themed, with outfits & the whole house decortated. My mum is kind enough to be making cocktails for everyone and has defenetley got the idea of the cup decorations.. I will be sure to post some photos after the weekend, I also plan on going out on Sunday too but whether or not i'll be too hung over.. haha !

i'm so worried about how much money i'm planning on saving up .. i don't think i'll have much money to go out & support my shopping needs :[
what are you doing this weekend girls?xoxo

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