Monday, 15 February 2010

No, thank you

Hi Girls, so hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great valentines day.
I'm just going to do a quick post of this YSL Volume effect mascara & how I won't be purchasing it again..
this mascara is like a girl, it has its bad days & its good days but being a girl, we can't afford to have a mascara that does this. Today it has made my eyelashes a reasonable legnth and I was happy with it this morning, however last week it did nothing what so ever to my eyelashes & when I used my sisters drugstore one, I think its loreal or maybelline or something but a reasonably pricesd drug store mascara, it made my eyelashes amazing, thick & long :)
So I will not be purchasing this again & I still can't believe I payed £21 to be disapointed so many times !


  1. i found the exact same with this mascara, it was a big let down but now i'm using estee lauder turbo lash (the one that vibrates) and that definatly worth the money and the battery in it lasts for ages, try it out i recommend it:) great blog btw x

  2. I had the same problems! After a lot of use it went all gunky and clumped all my eyelashes together, totally NOT what you want from a brand with a good reputation! I really recommend Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara, it really does the trick! ♥

  3. thanks for these comments and thanks Sophie for the recommendation, I will deffo give it a try :)!

    I've recently purchased a cheap drugstore mascara to use for the time being the Max Volumne Flash by Rimmell, the pink bullet shaped bottle, it does the trick :)xx