Friday, 8 January 2010

A spoon full of sugar?

Hi girls, So I thought i'd do a little post, for basically if your like me and love sweet, candy smelling, strong girly scents.. This will be perfumes, Soaps & bubble bath thingss.

First of all, i'll start with perfume. My perfume collection is very very similar..

1. Britney Spears- Midnight Fantasy

This is the perfect sweet smelling perfume in my eyes, this is also my boyfriends favourite of my perfumes.. also mines too. It's very sweet but not too sweet & the smell stays all day, I really recommend this and at only £25 a bottle it's a must have.

2. Benefit- Gina
This is my second favourite, my boyf got me it for my Christmas as a surpise because I had been lusting over it for so long. Even though this is a sweet smelling perfume, I think it smells a little unisex? Is it only me.. maybe so, but this smell is very nice.

3. Britney Spears- Fantasy

This is another Britney Spears one & I'm in love with it, I don't have this one but it's next on my list. My little cousin has it and i wish i had bought it with my christmas money now. Lovely Smell.

4. Angel- Thierry Mugler

Now this perfume, you have to be very careful, it might be the strongest smelling perfume I have smelled all my life! I was in love with this until I bought it and now I regret it alot, even though I do love it, it's so over powering to wear everyday that I just use it for when I go out now, basically a waste of £35 but I suppose i'll have it for a long time!

If you have a sweet smelling perfume you love, comment it below and share it with everyone else!
Also what's your favourite perfume??
xxxxx Samantha
I'm actually going to do a seperate post for soaps and things because when I add a photo the spacing goes crazy & I end up deleting the photos millions of times and having to re-upload and making myself crazy!!


  1. ohh i have the midnight fantasy, i love love love it ♥
    i also like sjp's perfume- lovely , it's super sweet and just a gorgeous smell xx

  2. Oh i've never smelled that one, i'll have to look out for it :) xxx

  3. Love Britney Spears Fantasy and Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy.
    -Love Raspberrykiss <3

  4. I have Midnight Fantasy, Fantasy and Angel. Never tried Gina but I'll bet i'll like it cuz I like the other 3 hehe. Angel is the sort of perfume I'd only wear on special occasions (like going out to dinner etc) as it is very strong (an expensive!). I love sweet stuff too. One of my faves is 'Vanilla Cupcake' by Jessica Simpson, even thought it's not that strong. Think she's stopped making them now though but I got it on ebay. x

  5. @Lu that's exactly what i do with my angel perfume :)! thats a shame about the jessica simpson perfume though :( xxx