Thursday, 7 January 2010

Updated 20 questions!

Just for abit of funnnn :]

1.Thing you cannot leave the house without
If you mean like leaving for a while wise- then my bag with my purse, phone, make-up bag, train ticket, hat & scarf right now!

2. Favourite brand of makeup
I don't really have a favourite, I love Mac of course, Ysl really have impressed me so far with their products I have purchases & deffo Urban Decay for their eyeshadows.

3. Favourite flower
I never get flowers (i have moaned at my boyfriend for this ha) but really I think they are all pretty.

4. Favourite clothing store
Just the obvious topshop, h&m & riverisland.. think that's all!

5. Favourite perfume
I have too many, I really like sweet smelling smells but a few of my favs would be, Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, Angel & Gucci by Gucci.

6. Heels or flats
Heels, I love to wear heels whenever I can but since this snow I just can't! Flats also though because I wouldn't last if I wore heels 24/7.

7. Do you make good grades
I don't make amazing grades but usually I pass!

8. Favourite colours
I don't really have a favourite colour tbh but I like the colour purple and blue.

9. Do you drink energy drinks
I was obsessed with them just when the summer was ending but I think because it's gotten cold they're not my favourite right now.

10. Do you drink juice
I prefer tea.

11. Do you like swimming
I don't not like it but i just don't go swimming as a hobby.

12. Do you eat fries with a fork
I do actually, whenever my boyfriend makes us pizza and chips for dinner i use a knife and fork! No idea why thoughh I just prefer it ahaha.

13. Favourite moisturiser
I love the gucci by gucci one but that's really just a perfumised body moisteruser nothing special, so i'm going to say E45 but the moisture one that is alot thinner than the original.

14. Do you want to get married later on in life
Of course, I've been going out with my boyfriend for 19 months now and i'm hoping it will last forever :)

15. Do you get mad easily
Very easily, i'm so hard to please and get annoyed/angry at the tiniest things.

16. Are you into ghost hunting
No, it scares me.

17. Any phobias
Not really anything I CANT go near, but I'm scared of alot of things.

18. Do you bite your nails
Sometimes, yes

19. Do you drink coffee
Not really anymore

20. Have you ever had a near death experience
Not that I know of!

Going to do a favourite blushes & blush rave sometime today/this week! xxxxx

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