Friday, 8 January 2010

Part two,

So this will be soaps / bubble bath / shower gel / bath things!
*warning* Lush will be a big deal in this post

Bars of soap
Rockstar & Angel Delight are massive sweet smelling lush soaps.

Shower gels or bubble baths
Snow fairy *not purchasable anymore i think* & Happy Hippy is actually more of a fruity smell but still amazing!
Tesco have great quality shower gels that range in so many smells! It is worth checking out.

Shower gellies
Sweetie Pie, best smelling thing ever! It is soso sweet and the woman told me in the shop that spiders are afraid of this!

Creamy Candys
Think Pink Bubble fiz - turns the bath water hot pink!

Sorry about this basically being all lush products but seriously if your a lover of the sweet smelling products, Lush is your place!!
xxxxxx Samantha

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