Monday, 11 January 2010

Update & Lush offer

Just a short post this morning- first of all thanks for my lovely new followers

I did my face routine video and December favs last night using my mums webcamera, however it doesn't pick up sound all too well so i've not decided if i'm going to upload them but hopefully it won't be long until I have proper videos up!

Also, My sister and myself popped into lush last night for a little smell and obviously were sucked into their little offer.. the offer is if you spend over £20 you get a £20/30 free gift set or goodie bag so we thought we would half and then get the goodie bag as we share a bathroom anyway there would be no trouble. So we got the hard shampoo bars for the first time (has anyone tried these? i think they look so weird!! but i'm very curious to try them out) a few bath bombs and a few bath crumbles! (my fav)

In the lucky bag we got two gift sets, one with two things inside and one with three or four things inside, also we got a bath bomb, bath crumble and a sample of the strawberry santa.
Pretty good! Although it is all of their Christmas items in the good bags/gift sets..

Anyway hope you all had a nice weekend and don't forget to pop into lushh! xoxo Samantha

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