Friday, 15 January 2010

Solid Shampoo ?

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Todays post is going to be about Solid shampoos

Last Sunday my sister and myself went into lush and got a few things including the Solid shampoos now I wasn't too sure about these at first and thought what the hell but then when she explained them I got the just of it. So we bought two that do two different things..

Soft - for my own hair to lift it and give it abit more volumne

Hard - for my sister to make her hair more shiny and soft.. however!

To use this, you take the bar and you massage it into your hair while under the running water and it lathers into a shampoo, but when I did this I found it just tangled my hair and make it feel really tough .. my sister said the same thing. After blowdrying it, it did lift my hair but also it made it so tough and thick which is not what I was looking for and for my sister well I haven't noticed any difference in hers..

Also, today after going back to normal shampoo, while putting this in my hair my hair felt very damanaged and tough still.. not impressed and it was not like this last week before using them!

So my advice to you, is if your not too sure on these then don't try them out, everyone is different though and you might like this product..
Has anyone else tried these out & if so, what are you comments?
P.s check out my youtube channel tonight as I will be uploading a few videos!
xoxo Samantha


  1. aw that's no good :(
    i'll go check out your vids baby xx

  2. Ohh nooo sorry to hear about your bad experience. I bought a solid shampoo (its a jasmine scented one) and have yet to try it. I'll check it out soon and do a review. Hope its better than these eek!

  3. Yes, let me know what your thoughts are on these!xxx