Thursday, 14 January 2010


Hello, so finally! I got a digital camera, however i'm still trying to suss it out and things and learn how to use the stupid editor because it's driving me up the wall !

i'm going to do a small recommendations post today, just things I love and think you would love them too so I think you should go check them out :)

1.Revlon Colourstay- obviously, if you haven't already tried this then you defenetley should.

2. Coralista blush Benefit- perfect pink blush, for all seasons and actually Favourite make-up item right now

3. YSL Volumne effect- the most amazing mascara i've came across ever, great for thickening & giving more length to your eyelashes

4. Honey I washed the kids soap- smells amazing basically that is the only reason!

5. E45 moisturisor- no matter how many you try, E45 is always the best..

6. Barry M Lipglosses- not too thick, not too runny, these have perfect consistancy & smell amazing too!

7. Collection 2000 nailpolishes- I love the colours of these nailpolishes when boots & superdrug were doing 3 for 2 (are they still doing this btw?) I think I bought every collection 2000 nailpolish they had! I'm wearing a colour on my nails today actually & it's like Macs Saint Germain lipstick on my nails ! Not sure of the name but i'll find out and put it in here

8. Urban Decay eyeshadows- Urbandecay is my favourite for eyeshadows, I would advise you buy a palette rather than single eyeshadows though unless it's a single eyeshadow you want obviously, but if not it's better value for money I feel..

9. Creamy bath candys- if your a lover of baths then these are the things for you, crumble them under your hot water running tap and it creates bubbles and makes the water feel so smooth and relaxing!

10. Mac 217 brush- this is my first mac brush but I am deeply in love with it, it does everything and so well. It was defenetley worth £17.50.

So there you are, 10 things. I really hope you go and try out any of these if they appeal to you because I love each and everyone of them!
xoxo Samantha <3