Friday, 15 January 2010

Fashion loves & hates

Hi girls, so I thought i'd do a fashion loves and hates video, I don't want to offend anyone here if you like an item of clothing I don't, thats ok not everyone agrees on everything.

I'll start off with hates -

1. I'll start off with most hated piece of clothing, this style of dress although this is a quite updated in fashion one with the lace detail, I just can't stand to see some girl wearing this without tights/leggings or trousers and heels on a night out.. the band around the bottom of the dress does not compliment anyones figure either, does anyone agree?
Also I really dislike the lace vest tops, not nice at all.

2. Strappy, thin and small heeled shoes. I've no idea how these are supposed to compliment anyone, fair enough they do the trick they make you taller but they just look cheap and nasty and are so out of date!

3. 'Kanye west shutter sunglasses' what is the deal with these? I've no idea how anyone can see through them and no idea how they could possibly block out of the sun.. they don't look good or make you look cool either, fair enough if your at a party and a pair are being passed about and you put them on for a laugh, but really ? Buying them and wearing them seriously. A big no, no.

4. This is also a pet peeve of mine, girls who are in high fashion head.... to ankle. I can't tell you how many times i've saw a girl wear nice clothes but then leggings or jeggings and these boots, they might keep you warm but you can easily buy a fashionable pair of army type boots.. but if your into them then it's your decision of course !

That's all of the hates, don't want to go too far because I don't want to sound horrible or moanmoanmoan to you all haha :)
What are your fashion hates?
Samantha xoxo


  1. haha i bloody hate the shutter glasses! grrr xxxxx

  2. I am guilty of doing #4! I can't stand to not wear my Merell hiking boots, even over lovely 7 jeans and a nice cashmere top. Shame on me! Off to DSW now. ;)

  3. i totally agree with all of these especially number 1 :@! those dresses just ride up your legs lmao! sooo pointless! :O xxx

  4. Glad some people agree aha, & @ ashwini very sorry about this hope i didn't offend you! xx