Friday, 15 January 2010

Fashion loves & hates

So Part 2 & this is the loves bit! Which has taken me a while to prepare as I had to copy and paste them all onto a paint sheet and blah blah blah

So now for loves :)
1. Anything basically that's floral and has a missing detail on the back! Also I would love this if it was just a plain colour, black-less detail is my thing in dresses <3

2. Crop tops, I think these are so pretty looking & I especially love the detail on this one :)

3. Any pair of heeled boots, although i'm not lucky enough to own these exact boots, I have my fair share of boots and heeled boots :)

4. Lastly I thought i'd put these items all into one photo becuase they're basically all accesorries. This love list consists of, unisex watches for women, statement and plain earrings, statement rings, cute braclets/charm braclets, thin belts! and cute necklaces for if your wearing a plain top.

So these are just a few of my loves, not going to show photos and talk about them all but a few other loves are things like thick tights/detailed tights/wooly socks/sexy underwear/ scarfs and the perfect handbag!

What are your fashion loves? Do you dislike any of my own? Leave a comment with your thoughts :)
Samantha xoxo


  1. I’ve nominated you for an award on my blog lovely :) it's been ages Manfaaa, where you been all my lifee heh? lol xxxxxx

  2. these are beautiful things.