Tuesday, 19 January 2010

moanmoan & birthday celebrations

Uhh noo.. so as I was running late this morning I just applied my foundation & power and planned on doing the rest on the train (like a real classy girl) anyway so I left the house after sitting for about 5 minutes because I rushed too much, got on the train and realised I hadn't put my make-up bag into my hanbag!
So no make-up ut foundation today, just aswell I had applied foundation though ! but still ;[

Anyway so for my boyffs 18th we went to a restraunt called Novemeber in Glasgow and it was gorgeous! Defenetley a must go, if you live in Glasgow it's in Princes Square on level 3, you have to either get the lift or back stairs up as there are no stairs from other levels to get up to it ..
I had Fajitas & Kieran had a Chicken Cajun burger, i think?! but it was lovely :)
Then we went to a snooker club or thing called Rileys for a while which to my suprise wasn't that bad at all and i'm not to bad at it!

Yesterday we went bowling and he won me a very ugly teddy in those machine things! even though it scares me, I still love it haha
Then we went to Frankie & Bennies, which is my 2nd strike of being disapointed in the same restraunt!
I had ordered Carbonara which if your a pasta lover like me, is a cheesey creamy sauced spghetti with bits of bacon in it.. but obviously they had added mushrooms and the lady said it did say it on the menu but i didn't think there was a need to read what was in it, when i knew? So I asked her if she could get me a fresh one because I couldn't eat mushrooms .. so she brought it back and clearlyyyy he had just picked them out because I found another one! So once I told her again, that I was alergic to mushrooms and that I could smell them coming off the pasta she took it back again and this time it was free from mushrooms but actually very tasteless.
So hopefully i've learned my lesson & won't go back!!
However! I did have the cinnamon waffles for desert and it was amazing!

Back to the point.. my boyfriend had a lovely birthday and now we're in the process of waiting for mine! ha

I'll add photos when I go home, I have a few :)
How was everyones weekend? xoxo


  1. once i forgot to put on mascara and blush and was half ready and went out like that. A friend of mine looked at me and said "do you want some mascara you look crazy" :D I had a full blow make up on and no mascara... hahahaha soo you are not alone :)



  2. Glad you and your boyfriend had fun on his birthday and ive done the same with the make up! haha XO

  3. there's nothing worse than having make-up on but no mascara... it just ruins everything! :( haha glad im not alone on this one xxx