Tuesday, 19 January 2010

V day & Blog award

So Valentines day is coming up soon! And I'm just stuck for what my boyfriend and i can do, what are you doing on Valentines day? Even if you don't have a date or boyfriend, i'd love to know :)
A few of my ideas are ..

Stay in- cook a real, home-made meal including desert! and pick the perfect movie..

Go out?- See a movie at the cinema & dinner?
Go out for dinner
Basically that's all i've not.. clearly not too good on this haha

So i'd really love it if you could give me your thoughts and ideas for Valentines day :)

Also another little mention and thanks to Stace for nominating me for another Blog Award ! You can find her at - www.helloimstacee.blogspot.com
Samantha xoxo


  1. I'm so stuck on what to do for Valentines, I hate going out to crowded places, and everywheres usually rammed on Valentines!

    I say home made meal INCLUDING dessert!!!

  2. Im stuck too but its mine and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary on the 11th of feb and I dont know what to do for that either and then its valentines day 3 days later! XO

  3. @Alice Yeah, homemade meal sounds good tbh and @ hannahbabeyxo oh goodness thats the same as me kind of.. I had to think of things to get my boyfriend for xmas and then his bday was two weeks after it, so again I had to think of something for that! xxx

  4. I want to go away with the hubbs to a cabin in the woods and open up an really nice bottle of wine we got as an engagement present over a year ago. :)

  5. @Ashwini, oh that sounds amazing, what a wonderful idea! :) xoxo