Thursday, 21 January 2010


Hi girls, So I thought I would do a little post on one of my favourite lunches/dinners..

Yesterday I went to Primark and got lots of cute accessories for around £10 including plimsoles! I had taken photos last night but my laptop/blogspot were being awckward and I couldn't be bothered with the bother, so I'll do that sometime soon. :)

Also, skincare/haircare didn't get round to doing last night as my boyfriend was in visitng me so I'll do that sometime soon too..

On with the lunch!

This is going to be a receipe for

A Baked Potato & a few choices of toppings :)

Baked Potato

Step 1, Wash your potatoe and piece serveal times on both sides with a knife/fork. Place onto plate and place into the microwave.

Step 2, Turn on the microwave for about five minutes and wait. When the time is over, turn over your potato and time for another five minutes.

Step 3, Take out your potato and cut it open how ever you would like. Add butter (if you wish)
And there you have your potato ready to eat!!

A few of my favourite toppings for baked potatos, are cheese, tuna mayonnaise, tuna pasta mayonaise or baked beans. Also if this is your dinner, you may want to make a salad with this and also a plain based pasta.

Choice 1 - For cheese, you could just grate some cheese and sprinkle over or if you prefer a lighter choice, try spreadable cheese, it works just as well but less fatening :)

Choice 2 - Tuna mayo, (you may want to start making this as soon as you time your potato) Drain and water through the tuna from the tin, add to a bowl and mash down until into the consistancy you like. Then add mayonaise or light mayonaise until you are satisifed with this ..

Choice 3 - Tuna pasta mayo, (start this while potato is cooking also) Boil some pasta in a pot of hot water, when soft drain water and cool down by draining through will cold water, add your tuna mayo and finished!

Choice 4 - Baked Beans, basically just cook baked beans in a pot or use the microwave and add to your potatoe

Choice 5 - For a dinner, make your own salad and add to plate, then make a pasta using your desired dressing, add to plate also. Then add baked potato to plate also you can add some cold meat to this dish if you wish & there you have it!

I know most people, know how to make a Baked Potato already but I just thought i'd give you some ideas and of how I like to eat mines :)
Hope you enjoy Baked Potatos as much as me!
Samantha xoxo


  1. haha cute as ! i scoop out the middle and put it in a bowl. put some cooked bacon , some sour cream, cheese and abit of chopped onion in it. mix it and put it back in the potato skin :D YUM .

  2. oh that sounds great, i'll have to try that :) xxx

  3. I love baked potatoe beans and cheese! XO