Thursday, 21 January 2010

Only 3 months to go!

So i'm far too excited for summer, I had such a great one last year I just cannot wait until this year, it was so warm last year also so i've been thinking of summer outfits already .. I do apologise for this, as I know it's abit too early but seriously the winter is depressing me now :(

So i've made up four outfits, on polyvore but instead of publishing them I just copied and pasted them onto documents.. which now that I think about it was silly.

Also I haven't added assecories or any detail to the outfit, basically just a rough idea, it took me around five minutes to make up each outfit.. anddd there are no heels included in this basically because during the summer, myself at least don't really like to wear heels if it's too warm, there's nothing worse than being uncomfortably hot with your feet stuck into a pair massive heels!

Outfit 1 - This is just an everyday, going shopping/going for lunch/meeting friends outfit. So simple but pretty. Denims- you can purchase from anywhere like topshop/h&m/miss selfridge/ primark.. t-shirt you can get these t-shirts from places like topshop & urban outfitters. These shoes are from topshop also.

Outfit 2 - More of a going out outfit. Skirt & Blazer from topshop, although I saw all the blazers on sale in primark, are they going out of fashion :(? Just a Plain vest and flats can purchase from any high street store.

Outfit 3 - For more of the likes of festivals or garden partys - Dress is from a website called I check their website and they have such cute dresses although it is american they ship to the UK :) Straw hat, last year I got one from Primark which was lovely but your probably better getting one from a market as they seem to be better quality! Shoes, you can get lovely detailed pumps from Topshop.

Outfit 4 - Late garden party/late BBQ. This is more of a punky look I think, black high-waisted shorts and white ruffled top, maybe best checking Next for these type of t-shirts. High waisted socks, H&m or Primark would be your best bet. Also plimsoles from topshop.

What's your ideal summer outfit?
hope you liked these outfits, leave a comment with your thoughts :)
Samantha xoxo


  1. So weird! I live in Australia so we're in the middle of our Summer right now & I'm hating it! I love winter so much & it gets so hot in the Summer here.

    So while you're counting down to Summer, I'm doing the same only for Winter ;)

  2. Lol, babe its summer here in NZ too & i lovee it. The second outfit is my favourite , too cute xo

  3. oh your so lucky too, whats with this haha! xxx