Wednesday, 6 January 2010

December Favourites

So I think i'm going to do quite a few posts today, I feel quite in the mood for some blogging!

This is my December Favourites and even though i'm abit late, I did want to do this and haven't got around to doing it, if anyone has any requests for my blog then please leave a comment, or even for my youtube & I will get around to doing it when I can, promise!

Anyway, favourites of December-

Ysl Volumne Mascara obv course!
I have a rave about this on my youtube chanel, i'll leave the link at the bottom

Lush snow fairy showegel
i'm so sad that this was only a christmas thing.. although I did stock up they bottles are almost finished!

My Barry M Lipgloss.
I've no idea what the name of this is but i've googled and all it's saying the name is, Toffee No, 2.

Revlon colour stay
in the colour Buff for Normal to dry skin.

Coralista blush by Benefit!
I've just gotten this last week but I have to mention it, i love it!

Not too many of them tbh but this is just with looking at my make-up bag.. I will have a much better January Favs as I have lots more new things to experiment with!
Love Samantha xoxo


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  1. ive just subscribed to you; looking forward to more vids ;) x