Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Mac is such a bad infulence, i'm not going back in for a while now! Even though I really want to fill my palette but anyway :(

I went in just after christmas with my boyfriend and didn't really know what I wanted.. I was planning on doing a Barry M Lipgloss vs Mac Dazzleglass but when I tested one it was soo thick!! It was discusting, I really didn't like it and it's so funny because i've never heard anyone comment on this, so that's that idea out of the window!
Then I remember I've been wanting a four space mac palette for a while and I counted it up to make £38 which is good in my books. So I picked out the shadows , the shadows being.. Tempting, Sable, Girlie and Swish.

I have no idea why I picked up two pink eyeshadows because I never wear it but I used them both yesterday for work and they were very pretty!
I also got a hold on my first Mac Eyeshadow brush the 217, which i'm not very fond of I think it's abit rough for my eyelid and the brush is abit jagged already, so we'll see.

Then I went back and got three more eyeshadows for my palette BeautyMarked, All that glitters & Nehru , I didn't want this colour I asked for Carbon but they didn't have it in stock so she asked if i wanted this one and it looks a dark grey but on the website it says it's a blue! Oh wells.

So that's my haul, pretty small but it didn't cost a small amount! Hope your having a lovely day girls, I'm going to make a few notes and do a tip blog, just giving some small helpful tips.
Love Samantha xoxo

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