Tuesday, 22 December 2009

oh no

Hi girls, so I have a youtube and since i've no film editor nd i'm not on my own laptop .. I thought i'd write an explanation on here..

Bascally i just haven't gotten round to doing a video but when I have my webcam has played up! I was abut to do a request on youtube and it just wouldnt respond after restarting my laptop & everthing! Now i'm at my aunts and I have no laptop/webcam with mee so it would have to wait until i'm back at my boyfees which is Thursday and it's also xmas eve! So I don't know if i'l have time to do it nd if i don't it wil have to wait until after xmas which is another week ;[
So i'm not abandoning my youtube or blog, i just don't have time to do it and when I do my laptop and webcam arn't helping!

Anyway, so glad i'm ont 37 followers :)
Makes me happy, hope you girls are having a lovely week up to chrismtas and i'll speak soon!


  1. I hope you had a great Christmas..great blog!

  2. merry christmas. :) and congrats on your followers.

  3. Thank you girls :) Merry Christmas too xx