Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Ins and Outs

Good afternoon lovlies, So it's great to see my followers are still going up, almost at 30 followers! I'm such a loser, I know but I get excited everytime I get a new one :)
Still haven't gotten around to uploading my haul, I think i'll try and borrow my mums new digital camera to take photos as my webcam isnt very good quality but its not that bad at times!

Anyway, thought i'd do an In & Outs, since i'm in work so i'm restricted from doing what I can from home..

Natural Collection Lipstick, shade Rose Bud & Vaselines Rosey Lip Combo! Lovingg this right now, wear it everyday, re-aply it all day long. Looks natural but still gives that pretty shine.
Jeggins, loving these too ever since i've bought them at the weekend can't stop wearing them, they are so comfy!
December being next week!
Pancakes for breakfast
My new hair!
The rain still constantly on!
My body aching today & my shoulder has been really sore since Sunday
All of my heels, needing re-heeled.
False Nails!!
Feeling like crap :[
So i'm also not feeling too good today, only slept for about 4 hours last night, had to go round about for my work which has made me even more tired and the weather makes everything seem so dull.. my ankles, hips and one of my shoulders are really painful.
Going to see my Boyfee after work today though, that always brightens up my day. :)
Love Samantha xoxo


  1. Tha rain is miserable isn't it!

    I'll make sure to check out Rose Bud when I next get chance :D

  2. Yes, Defenetley give it a try :) xoxo