Thursday, 26 November 2009

Random :)

Hello Girls,
Today I thought I'd just do a little Blog/Ramble/Update. Nothing too exciting :)

So, either I get paid tomorrow or it won't be until Tuesday either way i don't really mind.. I'll save alotttt of money if I have none in the bank over this weekend ha!
I said to my little sister that for her birthday (25th Dec) I would get her some Mac Makeup since she doesn't have any .. so she said she was in need for some new foundation, instead of buying her mac foundation i'll buy her revlon colour stay and either say a blush from mac or a lipstick and lipgloss to match. It's up to her really.

It's less that two weeks until my parents and sister leave to go to Austrailia for Christmas, I'm very excited because i'll be able to see my boyfriend alot more while they are! I plan on cooking lovely warm, wintery, healthy meals for us while he stays, so far I have Homemade soup, Steak & Fajitas .. not really healthy to be honest but it's alot more healthier than the chinese or chippy we eat every weekend!! If you have any recepies, then i'd love if you shared then with me :)

For my boyfriends 18th, he really wants a large tattoo on his chest or back or something.. i've no idea, anyway I think i'm going to just give him money towards it or money for an average seperate tattoo, i mentioned getting him one for his Christmas but we don't think it's very meaningful for a Christmas Present haha, so we've settled with presents he can open.

I have a full disposable camera in my handbag waiting to be developed, it's been in there for about two weeks! I've just not have the time or spare money to develop it, but next week! Also i think i'll buy one for over christmas :) I really love disposable cameras, because I can scan them onto my laptop having them on file and then I can stick them on my wall or put them into an albumn, its lovely!

I really must get some new photos of my new hair to show you all! Thats all i've got to say really, hope you are having a lovely day.

Samantha xoxo


  1. Shepard's or Cottage Pie? There are loads of recipes online for it, use mince, stock cubes, garlic, lots of peas and carrots, and top off with mashed spuds. I like cheese on top of mine but avoided when I was dieting.

    Hope you have a lovely, cozy Christmas!

  2. That would be a great thing to make for Winter!! Although I can't stand mince.. maybe i'll stick it out and make it for my boyfriend though :)
    Thank you! xoxo