Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hi Lovleys!

First of all, no idea why my text is underlined. Can't get it away :(!
I've been in my boyfriends all weekend, with is nicee. Yesterday (Saturday) he came all the way into Glasgow with me just to get make-up and I kind of went crazy a little bit .. well crazy for me anyway ha!
Went into frazers and saw what I wanted in Mac then thought i'd have another look around and I got something that i'm in love with! Won't spill now, becuase i've got some photos ! So sorry about the shitty quality , took them on my boyfriends webcam he's had basically all his life haha, i'll defenetley take photos again when I get home and replace them :)

First of all I went to the eyeshadows and knew what I wanted but I find it so hard to find it on my own first to test out the colour! Anyway I got Satin Taupe, which is so lovely and obviously i've already tried it out. Love itt .
Price 11pounds.

Next of all, wanted to get Cranberry for crease.. love it also!
PRice - 11pounds

I did not plan on buying this but once I saw it, I knew I had to have it! It was from the collection Magic, Mirth & Mischief, it's called Under your spell & it is so glittery and I love it!
Price - 15pounds

I saved the best for last, this photo is rediculously bad I know, so sorry! I defenetley will take a better photo of this when i'm home and i'll try swatch all the colours!
This is Urban Decay Pallette Vol 2. It is 16 eyeshadows, 2 eyeliners & a mini Primer Potion.. and for 27pounds I think it's quite excellent! Defo in love all over again ha!

But anyway that's all. My boyfriend does actually think i'm a nut now that he's saw my obsession in action! haha, but hope you enjoyed and leave comments with what you think!
Better go and make the breakfast, Kierans just back from the shops! :)
Love manfa xoxo