Monday, 9 November 2009


Good afternoon Ladies,
If there's one thing me and my boyfriend agree on, it's how there is not a donut shop in Glasgow! Well not one that I know of anyway, Infact i'm pretty sure there's not one in the whole of Scotland! Don't find it fair. ha!

Anyway, thought i'd do a wishlift, as always. All i'm ever doing is wishing, you girls must be getting fed up of the world!
Not sure if i'll be buying any other treats until I get paid in December.. hopefully i'll be able to pull it off but we'll see but at christmas the blogs won't stop coming because i'll be shopping everyday while i'm off work for two weeks! yey!

Caught off track again, back to the wishlist..
Wishlist ('.')

Two faced smokey eye kit

Urban Decay Preen eyeshadow box

Elf make-up brushes 9 piece

Elf bronzer kit

New outfit & boots

New Digital Camera

Barbie Pj shorts

So Basically all makeup

The story about elf is, I planned on only buying a few things from mac on Saturday but instead ended up buying more than planned and my 40pound order from Elf today is well out of the window thanks to that! Not to worry though, those products will still be on the website next month when I get paid. :)

What's everyone getting/wanting for Christmas? I love to hear about these things !

Love Samantha xoxo


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  2. I am on a seach for some kick ass boots and ofcourse some makeup haha