Thursday, 5 November 2009

My bests

Hi Girlies,
So, i'm very ill right now. I've been feeling abit under the weather for the part week and since I woke up yesterday morning my throat has been very uncomfortable and I think i've developed a cold. :(
No OFTD or FOTD today, which is a shame because I enjoyed it yesterday!

Anyway I thought i'd start a tag, because I think this would be lovely and a nice way of getting to know who you are following!

What you do is, you can pick how many you want.. Best people in your life..
Whether it's a boyfriend, best friend, family, pet, whatever. Just the people who mean the most to you :)
Either attatch a photo of you & this person or a photo of this person alone, or both!

Hope you enjoy this tag girlies, i'll put who I tag at the bottom !


Introducing, Kieran :)

This is a very old photo from when we used to be just friends but it always has been and always will be my favourite photo of him, even though he looks about 12! ha! We have been together for about 18 months, as you already know and I wouldn't change anything about him for the world. He's 17 years old now & will turn 18 next January. I know it's horrific to say but we met on the social networking site called 'myspace' when we were 15 years old. We could talk for hours about nothing & then finally met a few months later, we became best friends for about a year and then he took things further and here we are :)

He means the world to me & I love him lots & lots(L) . xoxo


Introducing Cheryl :)

This is my best friend, we met at high school in about 2nd year & couldn't stand each other! We had the same friends so it was abit awkward ha! Then after a few years we kind of grew up and got on with each other pretty well! When we left school, she moved into the same house estate as me and we still didn't talk very much! Through the summer we both fell out with our boyfriends and we were with each other every night basically! We've become such good friends, we have so much fun & I love her soo much, I tell her everything and she's always such a good friend.. except when she's telling me how fat my ass is ;) As you can tell in the photos above we are quite silly. The photo on the right is a photo of us at my boyfriends house obviously had a little too much to drink! ha! I'd show you more photos but i'd be here all day :)
Love you chezza tee xxxxx

Introducing Pjay :)
Where to start with this girl, basically we have been best friends for about 4/5 years. We have a massive fall out at least once a year / 2 years & we always have our arguments but at the end of the day i'll always remember that no matter what we argue about we'll always go back to being bum chums! Also you can find her at -
Loves youu xoxo

Also other people that mean alot to me
My mum
My sister
My doggy
My whole family basically :)
If i put up photos are a paragraph for everyone i'd be here all day. I'd just like to say that no matter how often we are scratching at each other, it's good because we're like best friends when we're not :) Love you all xoxo
So! Hope you enjoyed this tag, i'm just going to tag a few people but i'd really love to see all my followers do this!
& Aquaheart..
love samanthaa! xx


  1. Aw! What a lovely TAG idea - thank you for tagging me, I'm looking forward to it! :) You and your boyfriend sound adorable! :) Hope you're better soon lovely! Lots of Love, Lucy xxx

  2. hey there i nominated you for a blog award :) xxxx