Monday, 12 October 2009

5 Pretty Things Tag!

Evening again, So I haven't been tagged to do this but I thought i'd do it anyway as I do love pretty things! So Five pretty things, name them, explain what they are & attack a photo. Easy!

I tag Paulajane & Stacee to do this! Also if you want to do it, then please do. I love seeing people do this tag!

1. My Cupcake Recipe Book, I just love this book, it's so girly and cute!

2. Little Cupcake Lipglosses, even though i'm not a massive fav of lipgloss, these are so cute!

3. Chilli Pepper bodycream, this was a gift set but everything else is gone! I love the butterfly print on the bottle, how pretty?

4. Obviously Sex and the city box set hassss to be here! Love it!!

5. Last of all, my cute diary. Haven't used this yet but I soon will!

The end! xoxo

1 comment:

  1. of course sex and the city has to be there and cupcakes!!!