Tuesday, 20 October 2009

20th October

Hi, not posted a blog in a while..

I can't believe it's almost the end of October! I'm so excited for christmas lalala. I love winter but yeah anyway I already said that before..

On the 15th November, Glasgows George Square turn on their christmas lights and they give away free tickets to people online! My mum got some just on time and i'm so excited for my and my boyfee to go! It's just so pretty, there are fireworks and everything. I'll try take some photos

Ins and Outs
The X Factor on Saturday nights
My boyfriend having a job
White wine
Wrapping up
My hairs natural colour coming through and it growing
Wearing over-sized jumpers and my boyfriends cardi everywhere
It being dark when I wake up in the morning
My boyfriend having a job
Dry hands
When it's freezing cold in my house
Starting college again

I also bought a Pashmina from h&m but I haven't taken a photo of it, I will soon & put it up.

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  1. Hii love :) tagged you on my blog award :D xxx