Monday, 2 November 2009

Small Update..

Hi Girlies,
I haven't done a post in ages, i know but i've got a few posts to do today (:

First of all just a little update,
It was one of my best friends 18th birthday on friday, well Thursday but her party was on the Friday. I'll attatch some photos below -

Birthday Girl Herself.

Lots of girls but not all & Cheryls Nephew.

Funnily enough, me and boyfriend didn't do anything for halloween considering we were too hungover from the night before..
I also went to mac and i'm going to do a seperate haul for this, I only got two things but since it's my first mac purchase I think it should be in its own post!
I'll also be doing an Octboer Favs and maybe an 8 most worn !


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