Monday, 12 October 2009

Mini Haul

Good Evening,

So i'm just about to go for a shower before I have a cup of tea and watch Fast Forward after a night of sitting in my boyfriends cardi missing him, with the radiator on thinking about alot of rubbish but I knew I had to do this haul before these things got too old for me to tell you guys about!
So here it is, just a few things I have bought over the past week.

Firstly, I went into town with my bestie and was so tempted to buy some cute underwear from topshop.. so I obviously did but I don't think i'm going to broadcast them on the internet ha! Anyway I had been watching one of GeorgieMakeup's videos and she said she got these brushes from Claire Accessories. I was in desperate need for some makeup brushes, so I went off to Claires and got these for 5pounds!

Then I was in Primark with my boyfriend and I spotted these at the tills. How cute! How can you say no to this cute little set of nail polishes at only 2pounds! Although the purple colour took me 3 coats to make it wearable.. i've not tried any of the other colours yet!

Lastly! A pair of eyelash curler every girl needs a pair and I did not have one!
Thank you to my auntie for getting me these haha!

Thats all for now, I plan on doing 5 pretty things after this though!
Night xoxo


  1. Those brushes look so cute and pretty :) what girl doesn't like pink!? I might have to get myself some of those, have you tried them out yet? And if so, what's your verdict on quality and application? Love your blog, and thank you so much for following me! :) Keep up the amazing work, Lots of Love Lucy :) xx

  2. @Lucy (: the brushes are ok, no hairs falling out or anything, i defenetley recommend them they were only 5pounds, cant go wrong! xoxo

  3. Aw, sounds brilliant! Thank you very much lovely :) xx