Monday, 1 March 2010

Hello lovies, so it's monday morning 11am, i'm in work and feel like complete crap!! I had such a busy/eventful/fun weekend. On friday, my boyf stayed over as we didn't think we would spend Saturday night together but ended up he just came along to my friends 18th along with my other friends boyf :)
I'm attatching some photos from it, and the girl who's birthday it was actually has a blogspot & i'll put her link below somewhere !

So after getting redicuously too drunk & being home for 2am, we only had a small nap as we were up at 6.30am for paint balling!! So I forced myself out of bed with a splitting sore head and we made it... not going to rant and rant on about how much I hated it but need-less to say I won't be going back unless it's warm and theres no mud!!

All of the girls :)

In the limo, that was a suprise for her!

Myself and pjj :)


So I dyed my hair on Friday night 'Burgandy brown' I really quite love it, however it has ruined my hair.. my boyf was touching my hair and then he realised that it was just coming out when he touched it.. soo, i'll need to get some sort of treatment for it but i'm really gutted because i wanted to keep up with dying it this colour, as I really love it :(

What do you girls think about my new colour of hair ?
& could you recommend a good treatment for dead hair? haha .. minus the trim because even though i'm heart-broken I know i'm going to have to suck it up & get it done!

Pjs blogspot-


  1. cute outfit. i like your style.

  2. Gorgeous outfit.
    I went paintballing not long back and I hated it too, it was so muddy and I couldn't see a thing with those stupid goggle things.
    I felt so unattractive ): x

  3. I know! My goggles kept steaming up too, it was so horrible :( xxx