Friday, 26 February 2010

goodmorning :]

So, as well as the swarovski braclet my parents gave me the other night (which I don't think i've mentioned, ill have to get a photo up!) my parents are going to get me another piece of jewlerry for my 18th birthday present. I thought i wanted earrings but then realised i've been lusting after a gorgeous watch for ages!

So there are a few i'm in love with & that my mums putting off because of well... the price but i'm pretty sure with a few puppy dog eye looks & a please please please she might just give in...
So what do you think ?

This watch is by a company called Storm, i've never heard of them before but i really don't care as I love this watch! This is the cheapest watch @ £130
Please, click the link to see the watch rotate, as this is what made me fall in love with it :) I think this is the watch I'll go for as it's the cheapest and it's gorgeous!,681&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Gold#ctl00_ContentMainPage_mainImage3

This watch is by Marc Jacobs, you open the front obviously and the clock is inside.. i've only just found out how you view the inside of the watch & i'm not too kean on it anymore.. I was in love with this when I first saw it but my mum and sister thought it looks really cheap, as If I had got it free in a magazine!! Click the link below to view the rotation view and see what it looks like inside :) Anyway, this one is £150,681&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=White

and last my favourite!! my babyyy, this is my all time favourite.. this is the watch I want with all my heart.. again by Marc jacobs, it's so classic, trendy and stylish.. and I love the masculine watch look (even though it is a womans watch) This is the most expensive @ £200 & my mum is not having it, even though I said she could pay half and i'd take the rest out of the bithday money I received.. she said I'm too careless with things and will have it ruined in no time.. i've not given up yet though.. I love it so much!

Which one do you think is most nice?
I love them all!! so difficult to choose xxx


  1. Hmmm....My favorite would be the first one! But, you are right, it's so hard to choose!!

  2. Lovely watches!The first I like most for summer!!!