Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Good morning. I first of all i'd just like to say a super sorry for abandoning my blogspot these past two weeks. Basically no explanation just a sorry & hope you haven't all left me.
Thought i'd do a super long Ins and outs and i've got a few things to say!
Tumblr - obsessed with this atm
Three weeks until the long weekend away with my boyf
Coffee in the morning again
My boyf stopping smoking so that we can afford to do things aswell as save for Florida!
Easter weekend, this week :)
Hopefully get my braces out next time I go to the orthodontist
Spongebob squarepants!
Michael Cera - omg i could melt
Can't stand not being able to buy clothes or make-up, so this week i'm giving in
The freezing cold weather being back at the beginning of April?
Hannah Beth? Ive no idea why i don't seem to like this girl, maybe i'm jealous? but then again i'm possitive it's not jealousy because i don't dislike any other gorgeous famous models? I don't know there's something about her.
P.s can anyone leave me a comment on where I can get OPI nail polishes? I live in Glasgow in Scotland, so it would be great if you could let me know :)


  1. ohh how hard is not buying clothes and make up? i am so bad at saving that its not funny!

    i live in australia so no idea on the opi nail polishes, but maybe you could get them online? im not sure.


  2. Aww that is so sweet of your boyfriend giving up smoking for that! My boyfriend smokes also and there's no way he's stopping any time soon lol
    There is no chance I could save right now! It's got even worse since I started the blog hehe My excuse to my boyfriend is "I can't disappoint my followers!" haha he thinks it's like a cult :P

    I don't even know who who Hanna Beth is.. I googled her..but never seen her before that I don't think :P


  3. I searched Glasgow for OPI and couldn't find any!

    You may have to try online - stock them, and there was an ebay store (dirt cheap too!) called Jolie's Beauty Store but it's changed names now and I can't remember what the new one is... maybe some other bloggers will know???

  4. awh thanks for your lovely comments girls :)! and dont worry about the OPI nail polishes, i think i found some on!! xoxox

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