Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Hi girls, hope you all had a lovely easter weekend. My easter was very quiet, i've been staying with my boyfriend since Thursday so i've totally abandoned the internet .. although I did go shopping on Thursday but I don't have any of my own photos because i couldn't find my camera last night when i got home, so i'm sorry about that but hopefully i'll find it and get up my own photos because there are also other things i want to show you..

So i went a little crazy on Thursday and spent about £50+ in primark on clothes and accessories but since all i ever talk about is clothes, i'm just going to jump to the good bit .. the make-up part :)

I purchased my first nars product! Blush in the colour Deep Throat.

Here is a swatch i found on google, its a very suttle colour on your cheeks but don't be too fooled as I was the first time I wore it and went over board then looked rediculous!
£19.80 i think?

After I had asked for the blush, these nail polishes caught my eye, I can't even remember the colour i got and i'm not at home right now, so i'll update when i get home but it's a purple shade and it's lovely, even more to my suprise once i had got it the packaging was amazing! So cute.. so again, i'll need to get my own photos up..
The colour is Underground Creme :)

Hopefully i'm going to get a pair of uggs sometime soon, i'd really like the bailey button ones but not sure, might just get the short classic ones in either chestnut or sand. What do you think?

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  1. ohh im lusting after a nars blush something shocking!

    im having a giveaway, feel free to check it out