Tuesday, 2 February 2010


So this is going to be a post on revlon colorstay ..

I have very very dry skin and i'd appriciate it if anyone that uses revlon colourstay for dry skin will comment me and let me know your views on this..
but i'm not very impressed with revlon colourstay. Ever since I've started using it my skin has just gotten dryer and dryer, maybe it's just the weather getting colder and making it worse but it doesn't do anything for my dry skin, i feel like it drys in too quickly.

and whenever i use a moisterisor on my face it makes my face so greasy and oily.. i've not used it before applying my foundation for a while now because the last time i did my face was so bad my hands were just sliding off of my face while applying the foundation.. EW!

So it would be great if any girls out there could recommend a great foundation for very dry skin that won't dry out on my face so quickly! From any price range, i'd love to hear which ones are good because i've basically no idea..


  1. have you tried it with a primer first?

  2. mm no, the last time I tried a primer, i didn't like the way it made my skin look.. maybe I should try a few different ones then xx

  3. i have the same problem with the foundation but i use clarins beauty flash balm underneath and its so light weight and you cant really tell its there works well for me

  4. oh ;[ well thanks for your suggestion, ill deffo try out a primer :) xx

  5. I have really dry wskin too, lots of flaky patches, and I've been using this. It could be the moisturise you are using isn't suitable for underneath the foundation, I use the big tub of Superdrug's Vitamin E Moisturiser (my HG), and it goes on top of it just a couple of minutes after. I used to like using the Light Moisturiser by SImple under foundations before I found this one.

    Honestly though I do still get a few dry patches around my nose showing up, but not the flaking and weird looking skin I used to get with other foundations.

    I have a couple of primers but don't always use them, although I have today because my face is extra dry atm due to the wind, and I just apply it on top of moisturiser and it seems to stop the dry skin coming away from the face if you get me??

    I don't think there is a foundation that will never dry out your skin, unfortunately :(

  6. I was using an E45 one that seemed pretty fine, so who knows! haha

    thats a good point, i probably wont find one that will even it out as much as id like xx