Monday, 1 February 2010

Hair history

Hair History

After seeing lots of posts of girls & boys hair history, i've always wanted to do one but never really gotten around to doing it, basically because I don't have many old photos, so I'm just going to do back from Late 2008, until now :)

Here I am with a friend, this was my hair at it longest I think & very dark. Winter 2008

Here the dye has faded and came out of my hair a little bit, this is the colour my hair goes a while after dying it & i HATE it!

After a long hard think, i decided early 2009 it was time to get the chop. This is the shortest my hair has ever been whilst in my teens. I did love it but it's such a change i'm sure i won't do it again.

Here we have early summer 2009, my hair growing a little bit.

With the help of clip in extensions I was able to have the legnth and style i wish for my hair :)
Late Summer 2009

Again here we have late summer 2009, with clip in extensions

This is when summer was just over & it was cold again. So Autumn 2009, I've stopped wearing the extensions and here i was letting my hair go the natural colour so I could get dirty fair/blond-ish highlights in my hair, also growing it out..

After dying my hair late Winter 2009, i've went away from wanting to be dirty fair and i'm growing my hair out again. This was taken maybe a week or two ago, my hair is alot thicker and maybe the longset it's ever been now. So all is going well :)

I think everyone should do one of these, i always find them so interesting! xoxo


  1. I know you want long hair but short hair does look good on you!
    I'm growing my hair too, it's such a pain. I'm getting pretty impatient haha >.<

  2. aw thank you lovee :)
    i know me too haha! i think everyone wants to grow their hair tbh ! xx

  3. I don't think I have that many pics of me with my different lengths and colours, mainly because I am a weeny bit camera shy lol. But it'd gone from very short, to very long (like in your extension pic) and everything in between. Haven't dyed it in years (but just bought some today oddly enough), but it was bleached, highlighted, fuschia, purple, dark purple, black, mahogany, postbox red in my teens.

    Crazy, but all down to having a hairdressing school in our local college where I was a hair model and even went to Blackpool on a competition with them. Free dyes and cuts, awesome ;)

  4. oh lucky you, thats pretty good :)! xxx

  5. I love all these different hair styles on you but my favorites has to be when it's a little curly in the third and second to last pictures.
    I haven't really changed my hair cut that much but I'll look through my old pictures to check...

  6. thank you lovely :)
    & yes i'd love to see everyones diff style of hair ! xxx

  7. ur hair is lovely now :) love clip in extensions tho, its nice to know u can have the extra length if u want
    Steph x

  8. You are so lucky, you've never had a hairstyle that doesn't suit you!
    Your hair is lovely hun :)

  9. thank you so much girls :)
    & yes i love clip in extensions such a life saver! xx

  10. Your hair is soo nice your gorgeous :) XO

  11. thank you very much love :] xxx