Thursday, 25 February 2010

My love

I can't begin to tell you girls, how happy & amazed I am with this product.. Benefit boi-ing is the best concealer ever. It's just so perfect.. it covers, red-dess / blemishes or spots, it has a nice texture to it & it's the perfect colour!
Even my boyfriend was amazed by it.. and that doesn't happen very often.
I love this & think it is well work the £16.50 and i'm just so gutted I hadn't purchased it before.
I will say how much I dislike the 'erase paste' texture by benefit.. it's so thick and sticky and yucky! I've no idea how anyone could put it on their face !
It amazes me that, i've tried soo many different brands of make-up & after about a year of it & that I feel confident I know what works for me and what doesn't.. i'm using mostly drugstore brands!
Foundation - Revlon
Mascara - Rimmel
Blush (at the moment) - Maybelinne, which I need to find a new blusher .. I feel like I want a dark blush again, as I started to wear quite peachy and pinky colours.
Concealer - Benefit
eyeshadows - either urban decay or mac.
which drugstore product do you prefer over high end brands?xx


  1. i checked out erase paste once at sephora & absolutely hated how it felt, so i didn't even look at boi-ing.. but i will now!

    i love rimmel foundations & maybelline mascaras, but everything else is all over the place for me.

  2. I've not tried erase paste, but Boi-ing is my GOD! I love it, and can't live without it now x

  3. I need to try this! I use a grean concealer for redness but I need a good flesh coloured concealer to go over the top.

    I've use Max Factor mascara for years. I've tried all sorts of brands including MAC and Dior but I still like good ol' Max Factor the most ^.^


  4. you girls should deffo try out boi-ing !

    & @streetlighteyes i keep meaning to get a green concealer because red-ness is my biggest problem xxx

  5. Maybeline mousse blush I just love this stuff!!!

  6. I love that concealer too! Benefit makes awesome products.

  7. i agree with all of you girls :)xxx