Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hello lovlies, so this is a post about in my eyes, the worst nail polish ever. I've heard people say good things about this nail polish but I can't help but hate it & get really annoyed everytime it lets me down. The colour is lovely, don't get me wrong, it's the perfect baby pink. But! when I apply this nail polish it doesn't dry ... it goes all soft and just builds up on my nails.. at the weekend I tried to put this all over my nails and do a little purple tip (for my hawaiing themed party) but everytime I even touched my nail it moved on my nail.. or even after 2 minutes it would still smudge and ruin my whole nail.. so obv course after I had tried to make an effort with my nails, I went straight to tesco, bought a new nail polish, removed the gastly gloupe from my nails & applied a new one I bought.
Does anyone else have this problem because I've never heard anyone comment on this before? It's nothing like any of the other Barry M Nail paints I have.. it's defenetly not because it's old because I had this problem when I first bought it & tried it out.. maybe I just got a dodgy bottle? I've no ideaaa :(

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