Friday, 5 February 2010

love or hate?

Hi girlies, so this is a little style post. I've been online 'window' shopping yet again still hunting for my birthday outfit & i've been amazed but some of the things i've found but can't afford :(
I've put some lovely pieces of clothing onto this post, labeled what they are, who by & the price.

I thought maybe, it could be a love/hate thing.. pick your favourite item *doesn't have to be one* name it & tell me why this is your favourite! Also your least favourite item & why you don't like this piece so much :)

I love every item here & if I had the money, i'd own everyone! I've also put in which ones are my favs, shamefully the more expensive ones that i won't be able to purchase, but you might notices i've added a few highstreet ones too :)! Obviously there's no point me adding one i don't like haha.

Marc Jacobs Cropped Silk-twill bustier - £515

Maurie & Eve Black Leather Bustier - £100

Herve Leger High-wasted mini skirt - £375

Gathered Prom Skirt by Annie Greenabelle at Topshop - £31

Grey Embellished Neck Playsuit from Miss Selfridge - £38

Dolce & Gabbana Blouse - £160

Love Samantha xoxo


  1. gathered prom skirt is so cute. i love the color. :)

  2. the skirts and blouse are lovely (:

  3. have the marc jacobs one, it's adorable.